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You can see this page because you reported you received good results from your solo ads campaign.

So, you qualified for our traffic bonus program.

The only thing you need to do is give my service a good testimonial in exchange for the bonus traffic.

Why should you give my service a good testimonial?

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    My customers have reported they could make sales from a few traffic bonuses. At times, they made more profit from these than the main campaign. So, it is worth giving it a try.
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    You reported that you received good results and are happy about my services. So, giving me a testimonial means a lot for my business. It would expand my business. It is also a thank you to my services.

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It will only take a few minutes to post the testimonial.

Step 1: Add me as a friend on Facebook. Please wait for me to approve if you are not on my friend list.

Step 2: Access and join this Facebook group

You will be approved by the administrator within 24 hours.

Step 3: Once you are a member of this group, you can post your testimonial.

Please stick with these to avoid unnecessary delays.

Seller: @Tim Ph (please tag my name)
Type: Solo Ads Clicks
Clicks Ordered: 200
Clicks Received: 220
Optin Rate: 45%
Tier 1 %: 87%
Sales: 3 (if any, otherwise skip this)

Here is the sample for a testimonial in this group.

You can find the Tier 1% by finding the tracking stats link I shared with you.

The opt-in rate is calculated by:
If you ordered 200 clicks, you received 98 subscribers.
Opt-in rate = 98*100/200 = 49%

When you have enough data, you can post it in the group. The Admin will approve your testimonial soon after. Once your testimonial is approved, I will contact you to send the bonuses. 

If you can not find all the data, you also can ask me to prepare the testimonial for you. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks